Matheran Hill Station

About Matheran Hill Station

Why You Should Never Miss Visiting Matheran?

Matheran Hill Station is a place away from the city life which will keep you deep dug into an experience like never before. Away from all those worries and stressed ambience this place has a lot of promises to keep.

Out from the busy timetable try spending some days of your lives here at Matheran with detailed moments! Don’t hurry once you are here, we are sure which you won’t, but still!

Believed to be the smallest hill station in India, Matheran is situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra, at a distance of about 100 kms from Mumbai and at a height of around 800 m above sea level. Matheran is a popular weekend getaway for the residents of nearby metros like Pune, Surat and Mumbai.

Echo Point Matheran

Ministry of Forest and environment has declared it to be eco-sensitive region due to its '0' pollution level, making Matheran hill station one of the most sought after holiday destinations for the Indian natives and foreign tourists alike. Hand pulled rickshaws and horses are the only transport facilities here due to ban of effluence emanating vehicles.

Matheran – Place With Its Own Fame And Amaze!!

Away from the jungle of life, visit the jungles and natural sceneries in Matheran India. Playing an active role in reverting your life back to being funny and thrilling, the places, visitors’ spots, tourist attractions will take your verve to a whole new dimension of excitement as well as unexpected ecstasies.

If one is wondering what to do in Matheran, then he or she can witness various beautiful sightseeing points at Matheran, parks and trekking routes like Charlotte Lake, Echo Point, Alexander Point, Madhavji Garden and Point, One Tree Hill Point, Heart Point, Olympia Race Course and Louisiana Point etc. Matheran Train provides amazing view of the dense forest through which it travels. Other sightseeing attractions are Parsi bungalows and British type architecture.

Matheran hillstation at Raigad provides you with its evergreen spirit of the day and never stalling amuses of the night. Come to Matheran in Monsoon and love being here with ease because as we mentioned and yes, we even guarantee you, you can find both Fun and Frolic laughing around you – ALWAYS!

Historic Park or Paymasters Park is a popular spot for one day Matheran trip, which is full of beautiful flowers and sitting arrangement of benches. It also has statues of Lt Col, Malet, Paymaster and Panday for their valuable contributions to the place. Another picnic spots of interests are Rambag Point with its hilly sides and Charlotte Lake Point with its lakeside point.

Due to monsoons, the railroads are closed sometimes, so clear information from railways before embarking on the holiday destination would help and avoid any dilemma later.

1 Tree Hill Point Matheran

Woodland Overhead – Its very much Matheran!

The meaning of Matheran comes to be - Woodland Overhead and that is the reason to explain the tourists too as the proud holders of forests that Matheran is.

Matheran has been a legendary summer destinations for tourists around Gujrat and Maharastra. During the monsoon season, it indeed rains hard here and the whole Matheran area is enclosed in thick fog. If we watch Matheran from a pure rainforest and ecology point of view, it is a finest place to behold and delightful for those who wish to spend their vacation as incredible one and to study bugs, butterflies, and all kinds of tiny little reptiles and creatures. Hotels at Matheran are effortlessly available and they are very famous for their accommodation and hospitality. So Matheran hill station can be aptly described as a tiny oasis of warmth, beauty and serenity.Sightseeing at Matheran truly excites anyone without any question.

Languages spoken here are Marathi, English and Hindi.

The weather in Matheran is pleasant throughout the year; still the best time to visit Matheran is from September to June. However, Matheran weather is most pleasant just after monsoon. Some visitors also prefer to visit this place in winters as they can enjoy chilly nights.

History of Matheran

The history of Matheran goes back to British era. It is discovered by Hugh Malet in the year of 1850. Tourists can explore old British styled structures preserved by Matheran Municipality.

When you are travelling to Matheran in Maharashtra it is definite that you can choose to start from any of these much known cities of India like Pune, Mumbai or even Surat, if from Gujarat. The distance might be just 120Kms, 90kMs or 300Kms respectively from each places which you should take note of very well.

A weekend, in minimum, can be really well spent!! Just try creating a good mood to get surrounded by the hills and forests for some days, keeping you off your work and scheduled plans!! Who will not love it? Get, Set, and Come To Matheran!

Matheran Weather
  • Altitude : 800 m (2224 feet)
  • Location: 18.98°N 73.27°E
  • Population : 6.000
  • Languages : Marathi, Hindi, English
  • Best time to visit : June – December
  • Literacy Rate: 71%