Honeymoon Places in Maharashtra

Honeymoon Destinations in Maharashtra

Seal Your Vows For Life At Some Of The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In Maharashtra!

Do you want to plan the PERFECT romantic trip with your spouse post marriage? Embark on a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS married life at these spectacular honeymoon places in Maharashtra! Bond Eternally, with nothing but nature to keep you company!

Charming Matheran

Fantastic scenic views, unspoiled natural beauty, and plenty of cozy coves to enjoy the romance of the moment, you will get all this and more at Matheran! When one speaks of honeymoon destinations in Maharashtra, the name of this place springs to mind FIRST. Travelling to here is easy and you will find plenty of suitable accommodations that fit your budget. Enjoy stunning view at Lake Charlotte, take a religious bath at Pisharath Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva, and explore the lookout points on horseback! What more could newly married couples crave besides spending some quality time with each other?

Serena & Peaceful Mahabaleshwar

One of the most popular hill stations in India for honeymoon is no doubt Mahabaleshwar. You can watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets with your beloved. At other times, simply walk hand-in-hand to explore the sights, enjoy candlelit dinners, and find peaceful, exhilarating repose at the accommodations here. Visit Dhobi, Lingmala, and Chinaman's waterfalls, go to Babington and Wilson Point as well as the majestic Pratapgarh Fort.

Historic Aurangabad

If you are in love with the rich past of India what better way to enjoy your honeymoon than planning a trip to Aurangabad. This honeymoon place in Maharashtra boasts of some major tourist spots as Panchakki, Bibi ka Maqbara, and the world-famous Ajanta and Ellora caves, part of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Delightful Panchgani

Nestled within the majestic Sahyadri Ranges Panchgani is a delight with the honeymooners. For you and your spouse there is much to explore, which will keep you occupied pleasurably as will each otherís company. Make it a point to visit Table Land, Kamalgarh Fort, Rajapuri Caves, Sydney Point, Devilís Kitchen, Parsi Point, and Dhoom Dham, a lovely boating spot.

Romantic Khandala

Words cannot describe the beauty and attractiveness of this popular of the honeymoon destinations near Pune. If you have never been there what better way to explore the bounties than with your life partner. Forts, lakes, and caves are aplenty at this place so you and your partner will have their hands full with a packed itinerary. So, just ENJOY!

Picturesque Lonavala

Out of the various Honeymoon places near Pune the name Lonavala also demand special mentioned with its picturesque setting and fantastic location on Mumbai-Pune Highway. This place is blessed with lush greenery, gurgling waterfalls, and beautiful lake. It provides an ideal setting to forget about everything but each other's company.

Unexplored Vengurla

This scenic destination remains little known among honeymoon places near Mumbai and this fact makes it an ideal gateway for newlyweds. There is nothing to disturb you except the surrounding nature. Here you'll be able to enjoy a Goa like experience without actually going there.

Rugged Toranmal

This little-known hill station is an interesting honeymoon spot in Maharashtra. Overshadowed by some of the most publicized hill stations, Toranmal can ensure your honeymoon dreams come true. Located at 1150 m elevation, the rugged landscape here issued to pull at your heartstrings.

Maharashtra tourism offers some spectacular locations to explore for the newly married couples. So come enjoy the sights for heightened wedded bliss!