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Hey! Planning to visit Matheran? And worried about-When to visit? Where to live? What to eat? What to purchase? What to observe? And many more other queries? Dont worry; just read on to find your answers!!!

Breathe Nature in the Quaint Hill Station of Matheran with the Help from our Matheran Tour Package!!!!

Tired of seeing the concrete jungles around you and now you want to experience something thrilling? Well, if so then you should visit Matheran- cozily nestled in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Here you actually breathe Nature because it is all around you and to add icing on the cake- it is a hill station that welcomes you!!!

Sounds interesting and now you plan to visit this nearest hill station to Mumbai? Just explore our Matheran tourism guide to find out more.

For people seeking to cool down in the sweltering and humid summer heat Matheran holiday packages bring a great relief. You can enjoy the cool breeze at 35C when the entire country is enduring the angry mercury that dances between 40C and 45C. You can spend your summer vacations in the beautiful resorts on these mountain slopes.

The fire expelled by mercury is extinguished with the arrival of Monsoon season. In this pleasant weather, you can stroll the quaint streets and hilly terrain while sipping a hot cup of ginger tea and eating pakodas.

The winter season brings its own charm with average temperature of 12C and the dense fog simply engulfs you into a movie scene. The ideal time to opt for Matheran packages from Pune is between October to May and avoid the rains.

Nature is Waiting For You Where are You?

Matheran luxuriates in its pristine beauty and the surrounding air is fresh. The toy train ride is an added attraction, as it meanders through the lush green hills it offers spectacular views of the surroundings for tourists to enjoy. It is a lovely sight to watch people enjoying festivals, Maharashtrian cuisine such as special nimbu pani, local fruit juice and vada pav in this virgin hilly landscape.

So, hurry and book your favorite Matheran packages to enjoy upcoming festival vacations!!!

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