Matheran Map

Map of Matheran

One of the smallest hill station of India, Matheran is situated in Maharashtra and has been considered one of the preferred choices for many travellers in Mumbai and other regions of Maharashtra.

If you are looking for a reason for visiting this scenic wonder, then you should have a look at the map of Matheran. Filled with destinations that are worth it, you can never resist yourself from experiencing the amazing views that this stunning destination offers.

For the first time visitors, there is always the Matheran tourist map that will get you through all the tourist spots easily. As there are many view points, temples, parks, hills and offbeat destinations to visit, you should plan your itinerary in a manner that you have plenty of time for each place.

Matheran Tourist Map

Matheran Map

Matheran Points Map

As the view points are very much popular, you will find the Louisa Point, Alexander point, Panoroma point on the Matheran points map. Each of the points are situated at a different location in Matheran so you can enjoy every part of the place. If you want to have a look at the scenic forests of Prabal and Vishalgarh, then Lousia point is the place for you. There are historical monuments like the forts of Prabal and Vishalgarh too. revel in the historical splendour at this pretty hill station.

If you are an adventurer and looking for an exciting hiking trail, then One Tree Hill Point is the place for you. There is the greenery that you can enjoy and apart from that, you can easily hike through the valleys of matheran that are filled with mysteries of their own. Moreover, it is considered a historical path too.

When it comes to Panoroma point, people often head to this place for picnic or sight seeing. You can see other great points from here that are equally stunning.