Matheran Weather

Weather in Matheran

Matheran is situated at Sahyadri ranges and enjoys cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. Its cool and less humid climate attracts tourists even in summer. Summer starts from the month of February and extend till end of May or early June.

Matheran Climate

The best places to visit in India are those that have a pleasant weather on their list of attractions. Weather of a place is something that will make your day amazing or hell. One such destination in India is Matheran in the multi cultural state of Maharashtra.

When we talk about weather in Matheran, it is a place that will never disappoint you. You can head to this tourist attraction in summer or winter and enjoy it equally. If you are planning to go to this amazing place that is a perfect fit for a vacation either with friends or family, then you can head here right now as the Matheran climate will be at its best.

If you want to have a romantic weekend or vacation with your significant other or looking for a perfect honeymoon place, then Matheran weather during the winters is most suitable. During December to February period, you can experience the cool breeze of Matheran temperature that is unmatchable. There are a lot of activities especially planned for couples. Do try them for a memorable experience of your life.

The best weather of Matheran can be experienced just after the heavy downpour. The lush green forests are at its best and this period is especially great for sightseeing. The adventurer in you might be a little disappointed but it is always worth it given the peace you can feel when you see the scenic beauty of nature.

When it comes to a pleasant weekend getaway for the busy Mumbaikars, the temperature of Matheran is what lures the visitors. Situated in a plateau region, people prefer Matheran for the forests and hiking trips because concrete jungles can get really frustrating after a period of time. So, escape from the hustle of the city by heading to this solitude that provides you a lot of peace.

Temperature in Matheran

In summer the temperature ranges between 20 to 35C. Afternoons were sunny in Matheran but evenings, nights and mornings are pretty cool in summer.

Mansoon in Matheran

Mansoon in Matheran starts from June and ends in September. Matheran witnesses heavy showers during Mansoon and the weather is so foggy that the objects at even 5-10 feet get invisible. Tourists generally avoid visiting Matheran during rainy season but it is even great experience to explore this mood of the nature. Rain forms many waterfalls and one can enjoy the lush greenery on their way from Neral to Matheran

In winter the average daily temperature falls to 12c. In Matheran winter starts from October to January. Early October is still hot but the temperature drops from mid of October. You can enjoy the cold and touchy evenings on Matheran Street and forget all worries.

On can visit Matheran at any season as all hotels in Matheran are always ready to serve their guests.