Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Make your daily grind easier to bear by visiting some fantastic tourist places near Mumbai!

Have you had too much of the stress, the pollution, the crowded roads, and the pressure of meeting deadlines in the Financial Capital of India? So, why don't you plan a much-needed BREAK? You want to but sadly, your hectic schedule prevents you from taking a long vacation. Don't worry because we have the ideal solution for you!

Information on PERFECT weekend getaways from Mumbai is just what you need to recharge your physical and mental batteries!

When it comes to that dream gateway situated at a tantalizing distance from Maharashtra capital, Matheran is your #1 choice. Located just 83 km away from the city, a journey of just over two hours this destination seems to be just what your doctor ordered. You can be there and back without your boss or cronies even realizing your absence. Come back rejuvenated with fond memories of your time there. It will keep you engaged until the next trip back.

So, what makes Matheran so special that has established its indelible reputation as one of the popular places to visit near Mumbai for times to come?

Forget your cares and be charmed!

Matheran Hill StationWhen you come to this beauteous hill station for the first time, you will ask yourself, ‘Does this kind of place still exists in India, that too so close to Mumbai?’ No cars honking horns, clear air, fresh, crisp atmosphere, abundant greenery, and absolutely nothing to disturb the peace and quiet!

Enjoy some stunning view below from the cliffs here that create natural picnic spots near Mumbai that tourists love. Make it a point to visit ‘Hart Point’ after the evening light fades and light descends. You will get a tantalizing glimpse of Mumbai city below. The absence of natural light and the distance seems to soften up the concrete jungle, so all you see before you is the bright city lights, luminous and tempting. Distancing yourself will give you a fresh perspective and you will look forward to becoming a part of the throbbing, pulsating multitude all over again.

While Matheran no doubt is one of the prominent weekend getaways near Mumbai, it is not the only one!


A summer retreat for the British, Panchagani is another popular destination for weekend visitors. The name is due to the presence of five villages that today constitute this place. Here you will come across exotic trees and plants such as poinsettia and silver oak. Some of the most famous schools in Maharashtra are situated at this one of the hill stations near Mumbai.


This misty hill station has an evergreen forest, a rare occurrence in India. Situated at 1,353m elevation, it is a plateau surrounded by verdant valleys. River Krishna flowing in three Indian states originates from Mahabaleshwar. An old temple here is quite popular with pilgrims. Mulberries and strawberries are the most popular local products available at the market. Venna Lake is a major attraction where you can enjoy boating or horse riding.

As you can see, there is no dearth of beautiful places around Mumbai so plan a trip and have the time of your life!

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