Best Time to Visit Matheran

Matheran Best Time to Visit

Chill Out in the Lap of Mother Nature!!!

If you are looking for a place that has the best climate throughout the year, then Matheran is the place for you. While there are many times which are like the absolute best time to visit Matheran, you can always find a little something to do even if you go there according to your free time and convenience.

The best season to vist matheran is after the winters have declined and the heavy downpours have gone down. The period of the extreme rains is also good but then you won’t be able to enjoy hiking or being outdoors which is much more fun than being holed in your hotel room the whole day. This period is from October to December. Stay there after the month of December if you are someone who can enjoy the climate of a place that goes down to 11 degrees.

The word Matheran means “Forest Top” and this is the reason it has a climate that remains excellent throughout the year. Having a lot of forests, there are parks that will give you solace not only to your mind but to your inner self too. You can go to these parks for your stroll through nature or have a fun time with your friends. Families are known to head to these parks for picnics. The two famous parks of the place are the Paymaster Park and the forest park.

Best time to visit Matheran hill station will be a good time to see the various flowers that the Paymaster park has. The park has beautifulll lined benches that are your perfect spot. And you can overlook the hills from these parks. The forest park has species of trees that are will be worth your time.

Scenic beauty is there in abundance and there is no reason that you won’t enjoy this place.

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