Things To Do In Matheran

Activities in Matheran

Have A Fun Time With Your Friends & Family, Much Closer To Mumbai Than You Think!

Welcome to MatheranDo you know Hill Station Matheran is among the few places in the whole world where vehicles are not allowed inside the town? Situated 100 km from Mumbai at 800m elevation this beauteous place offers a panoramic view of the surrounding. Here there are no traditional roads but charming meandering red laterite pathways. The crisp, clean, fresh, fragrant, and unpolluted atmosphere in Matheran is a big attraction for the tourists and so are the myriad activities on offer.

Activities In Matheran Keeps You Pleasurably Occupied! So, which are some of the interesting things to do in Matheran?

Visit Charlotte Lake

Visitors ahoy (!), Charlotte Lake calls your attention. It supplies drinking water to this region and is popular with visitors because of its scenic location and presence of ancient Pisarnath Temple nearby. Besides this, the place also boasts of two spectacular picnic spots,
Echo Point
Louisa Point
Monsoons are the best time to come here when the dormant waterfalls start gurgling with water offering a splendid sight to the visitors.

Food for adventure aficionados

If you love trekking, you will never be out of options at Matheran in this regard. There are plenty of stretches to explore for novices and experienced campaigners alike. The most famous of them of course is tackling Garbert Plateau, a treat for the adventure seekers. Begin your journey from Bhivpuri Station and start climbing. It is going to be worthwhile when you come across sparkling waterfalls meandering rivulets and streams, which are in full glamour during the rainy season.

Undertake Valley Crossing

Not for the weak hearted, Valley Crossing is one of the out and out adventure activities in Matheran. This involves doing a journey while hanging perilously from a rope that acts as a go-between to points 900 feet apart namely Honeymoon Point and Louisa Point. Located on U-shaped Mountain, travelling via the rope route will give you an thrilling view of 1000 feet drop below. Surely, this is a chance of a lifetime!

Nature walking

If you love walking and exploring places on foot, Matheran gives you just the opportunity that you seek. The best time to undertake this will be just post-monsoon when the rains have added an extra layer of greenery to the surroundings. Rain drenched vegetation with wildflowers growing like jewels in nature, colorful butterflies and the spectacular Karvy in full bloom, could heaven be any more beautiful! You will fall in love with this beautiful hill station with its varied flora and fauna, and stunning expanses of valleys below.

Shop until you drop!

You simply cannot leave Matheran without exploring the rich bazaar here. Shop for local goodies and take away souvenirs for those back home. Items available here pack the goodness, freshnes, and flavor of the locality and this make shopping time especially fulfilling. A number of little cozy shops sell everything from hats, footwear, leather goods and the sweet, ambrosial Chikki. One of the must-buy items from the shops here is the delicious, farm fresh honey, a delectable choice a hit with visitors and locals alike!

With Matheran things to do in an utterly picturesque locale enjoy your time here up to the dregs before the cares of everyday life start intruding again!